Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scrap that Song CT call.

Hi everyone

Yes we are having a CT call. So, would you like to be a part of it ? Well, as we are a new site, lets get this out of the way first. There will be no monetary compensation for this team, nor a kit to work with. We will however from time to time reward hard work and dedication, with little prizes.

So, heres the terms :

* 6 mths duration

* Please provide 1 challenge a month to the blog

 * Please promote our site where ever and when ever you can.

Simple huh ? I dont think it needs long terms and conditions.

I am looking for 3-4 designers so if you are interested, please drop me a line at with your name, bio and an example of your work. you may choose the song Rolling in the Deep by Adele for your example if you wish.

Experience on DT/Ct teams not essential we want to promote new talent as well, so what are you waiting for ? The next challenge will be posted July 3, so look out for this.

 Cheers Rebecca.


Alanna said...

Can't wait for the first challenge!! Just wondering... when you say "you may choose this song for your example" - which song are you refering too? Thanks!

Julene Matthews said...

I just thought the same thing.Hope she answers soon.

Rebecca. said...

Hi girls, thanks for your comments. Sorry it seems I have you confused.
I mean that you can scrap the song rolling in the deep for your ct application if you wish. I hope that helps.
Bec. Xx

Alanna said...

Thanks Rebecca! I thought it might correspond with the previous post, but I also thought maybe there was meant to be another video at the end of that post. Will definitely be applying for the CT :)

Julene Matthews said...

Rebecca I've spent hours scrapping a layout now my emails say that your email address isn't existing.Can you please confirm the one in the description is correct or contact me on