Thursday, December 8, 2011

Party Anthems

My brother and his fiance had their house warming the other week. Was a great night, got to meet my BIL's family, see my other brother for the first time in months {he's in the navy based in Cairns but was on leave}, and watch some awesome film clips on Max {Fotxtel/Austar}.

There were many of us mingling in the kitchen watching Rock Anthems, so of course a conversation persued over what song was going to be #1. Well of course the young ones were saying thinks like Britney Spears "Ooops I did it again" and Hansens "Mmm Bop". Others were calling for Chisel and AC/DC. But personally when I was a younge party goer there were two main Anthems.

Firstly Don McLeans "American Pie" was always played at stumps {midnight for our small country town}. Once we heard those first few beats we knew it was last drinks.

But the song that really describes our younger party days is definitely The Eagles "Heartache Tonight". The song describes a typical friday or saturday night to a T! Hearts being broken, fights breaking out all part and parcel of a weekend night in a small town.

Of course there were other must have songs like The Violent Femmes "Blister in The Sun" and "Add it Up", anything by Australian Crawl, Guns n Roses or Chisel was a must too.

But no night was complete without hearing American Pie and Heartache Tonight.

What were your Party Anthems???

Take Care


Dolly B said...

both great songs, we have always been Eagle fans and have seen them in concert several times. Like a good wine, they just seem to get better with age!


Julene Matthews said...

I'm older so remember dancing to Nutbush city Limits by Tina Turner.
Also shouting out Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond or anything by Sherbet or Skyhooks.