Monday, October 1, 2012

It's a long way to the top

October's theme song is AC/DC's song "It's a long way to the top"
 You can interpret this many different ways, but it reminded me of our climb in the Eiffel Tower.We thought it would never end!When you reach the observation deck and look down,there is an overwhelming urge to jump,or is it just called vertigo? On my layout I've used the title with arrows to demonstrate the climb up.
Hope to see your inspirational layouts soon. Have fun!!! Julene

Wow great take Julene,
My layout is also a travel page. This statue was in a beautiful village in France and you could walk up inside the statue , up a VERY narrow, steep staircase. Under the statue's arm was a little window and the view was amazing.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's spin on this  month's challenge

Mary x

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Julene Matthews said...

Hey mary we have both had a french influence on our layouts this time.Are we psychic???Love your layout.