Friday, July 22, 2011

New Designer and CT Application.. challenge entries..

Hi !

Well, we have our first new designer Julene Matthews has been appointed and if you wanted to become one for us, too, please just send an email to us (look for the link bar on the side) with a short bio, a layout -can be one using one of our songs or not and why you would like to design for us. Ensure your blog is linked as well.
Hurry though, theres only one more week left.. Look forward to receiving it.

The first challenge, have you done it yet??

Julene has!!

This is her take.. :)

Here's my layout for the July challenge. I've made most of it from "leftovers". The black hatching is the sticky stuff between October afternoon mini letters,the tree was using up left over paint,the border punch was an offcut,the buttons are from an old jumper and the photos were offcuts from various photos.The only 2 new things were the sun and the strip film shape thingy.This traces my daughter from her 17th birthday to her graduation from University.A difficult time of maturity for any girl. Thanks,Julene


Dont you love that top corner?? I love the photostrip frame, showcasing the different stages..Great work!!

Welcome Julene, thanks for coming aboard.
I am looking forward to more of your gorgeous creations..

Have you done yours yet??
Put it in the linky on the side bar.. :)

Well have a great weekend everyone, i am off to scrap tonight and cant wait.. :)

Bek xx



Kim said...

Bec, your challenge blog is lookin' pretty awesome...hope you got my email o.k?
Hope to get a chance to do your 1st challenge sometime this week...and share this new site with alot of peeps I know....Goodluck with this venture,I know it's gunna be fabulous...Cheers!

Dolly B said...

Love the concept of a challenge site using lyrics as it is something I like to do quite often. All the best with the new Challenge site Im sure its going to be fabulous

Rebekkah said...

Thanks Kim and yes i did get your email - did you get mine lol?
i hope so :)

Thanks Mary.
Yes its something i refer to alot too for inspiration as well when i get stuck sometimes..
Yes i hope it will be.

Bek xx

Marie (Mazz) said...
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Marie (Mazz) said...

hey Kim, this will be a fantastic challenge site as I often use songs as inspiration for LO's...gorgeous creations so far too. will email you mine soon as I dont seem to be able to find the linky link LOL Mazz :)

Rebekkah Lynch said...

Please email July entries to :

Please note The linky link is for Aug entries only.