Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet BB and some more inspiration from the girls !

Hi Everyone
Today i have another team member for you to meet and some more inspiration !
Meet Belinda :
Hi Peeps........I hope you are all as excited as I am....
My name is Belinda Lowe ( affectionetly known as BB )and I live in Hodgson Vale QLD. 
I am a lady of many talents - I have been hairdressing for 17 years and I also work casually at Target and  I am studying for my Bachelor of Nursing at university.
I have been scrapping for about 5 years now; it all started when my mum showed an interest and she asked me to help her....yeah right, all I did was take over so I figured I may as well just do it myself.
I have been married to my husband Adam for 11 years now and we have 4 children; Lachlan 12, Holly 8, Jett 5 and Alecia 2, we also have 2 dogs Trevor and Charlie, a budgie called Master Chief (who is secretly a girl but we don't tell the kids that) and quite a few fish.
I have not really got a scrapping style - I believe in ' You just make the most of what you have' - everyone is on a different scrap budget. We have a small local group of friends that get together once a month and its really nice to have friends with a common interest.
I have a blog that I probably should pay more attention to, its called 'Sunshine and Happiness Always' and you can find it at ( PS - I like followers - hint hint nudge nudge).
I love soccer and am still playing even though I am starting to feel the pain after a match - I probably should quit but i just cant - and my second biggest love is MUSIC - sing, dance, scream......shuffle!!!!!
This is my first design team so I hope that I can inspire you to help build the memories for your family in the future. A picture is a picture but a picture with a story is a priceless memory that would otherwise be forgotten.
I hope you all enjoy visiting us and I will look forward to seeing all your layouts ( I may even stalk you if you are lucky - he he)
And now for some inspiration :
From Annette :

Great Lo Annette - another idea for the challenge - she has used the lyrics in her journalling.. clever chook !

And from Belinda :

This is great too, she has used the lyrics to suit her layout on this one. I love this BB, it looks so colourful!
Well thats it for now- hows your challenge entries going??
Dont forget to mail them to or in the linky side bar !
Happy Scrapping
Bek xx


Alanna said...

Welcome BB :)

Is there anyway to make those piccys bigger?? Or is just me?

Kim said...

Great profile pic BB... love it!
Alanna we will have to see if Bek can do something about that!
Can't wait to see some entries now !!!
Kim x

Dolly B said...

yAY BB and agree with KIm , great Profile Pic.
Looking forward to working with all of you awsome ladies :)
and seeing all the entries, so come on girls, show us your fabulous takes on the Songs

Mary x

Noels said...

congrats BB... great layouts BB and Annette...
luv noels