Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Song choice inspiration... a song that sticks in your head..

Hi all..

Well its my turn to post up and i was thinking of a song title that you can get out of your head. Mine are always the vegemite song and the aeroplane jelly song he he .. i dont know why but they come to mind alot. Especially when i make Trini her sandwiches.

so heres my layout...

Photos a little squew wiff.. but you get that.. lol.
and closes up of the cluster..

So, in response to a question on fb i had a little while ago which was "how do you use inspiration from a song?".. it is like this for me personally... i can hear a song and its like a slideshow in my head. It usually stirs up a memory for me and with that i go looking for photos that suit then i find my colours that correspond.. so you get the drift.
i usually have the title in my head usually from the song title or the lyrics but you can be inspired by the feeling it creates for you or the memory you have of the song.
In this case mine was inspired by the song itself and i had photos of trin eating her sandwich, so it wasnt that hard..
I also used some of my yummy green stash so that was easy too !
i love green and pink ..

Well hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to approach our challenges.
Good luck.. !
Bek xx


Kim said...

Gorgeous layout, Bec... That green really hits the spot..very nice. What a beautiful pic too!

Georgia Heald said...

Hi girls, I have created a page for your October challenge but just noticed when I went to upload your October linky is closed? Have I missed the end date? xox

Marie (Mazz) said...

such a cool LO, with (down under) vegemite sandwiches - love it :)

Julene Matthews said...

What a happy little vegemite she is too. Love your layout Bekki