Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Music as advertising

Just recently but not more so than ususal, I suppose, music has played an amazing part in advertising for TV. The effect of this is that it can make or in some cases break a song and you also have the song stuck in your head for days and everytime you hear it you remember the show.

Two recent ones that have stuck on me are "Rolling in the Deep" Adele,  which has been the theme song for Underbelly Razor which was a series that I really enjoyed.

Then we have "Moves like Jagger" Marron 5 for the Frozen Planet who doesn't see penguins now when they hear this.

So what song do you have that makes you think of a show or movie?

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Cheers Annette xo


Julene Matthews said...

Ah yes the power of advertising.There's quite a few that come to mind.They seem to "steal much of the baby boomers music".

Rebekkah said...

Thats because its good.. Lol.
Yeah music and advertising go hand in hand.. what about aeroplane jelly? Deinitely one sticks in my head is the song for vegemite.
As i have small kids now too i am listening to the branding as well and finding i know that hot potato is with wiggles, upsy daisy is with night garden, know the lyrics to charley bear .. list can go on and on.. great post Annette !

Noels said...

bugger left a comment last night.. one for me is beach boys "wouldn't it be nice" the cadbury choc theme song, the gold lotto theme song and now the new vw add..