Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nearly another New Month!

Wow can't believe Christmas is sneaking up so quickly, well now its kinda of rushing along not sneaking!
Don't forget to check out the blog in the next couple of days for The new Song choices for the month of Dec. I have had a little sneak peek and the girls have come up with some awesome songs and fabulous layouts. Shhhhh I better not divulge any more.

I was thinking today how when doing a layout a song usually pops into my head. I was doing a layout the other night of my Best Friend and myself when we were young and carefree, and the song "Those were the days my friend, by Mary Hopkins popped into my head. Does this happen when you scrap? How sad would this world be without Music. It evokes memories, happiness, sadness, melancholy. Music is  just flaming amazing. I love it, and I will let you in on a little secret, if I had a wish I would wish I could sing like Adele, have the audience in the palm of my hand like Bono, send chills down someones spine like KD Lang when she sings Hallelujah. And guess what , I am possibly the worst singer EVER! So that sucks. Anyway enjoy a bit of KD Lang and also stay tuned in the next few days for the winner of this months Challenge

Sweet Hey
Wishing you Sunshine , Smiles and Sweet Musci
Mary x


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Julene Matthews said...

Love KD's interpretation but Leonard Coen puts the oomph in it.After all he wrote it.
Getting excited about the December songs now.

Noels said...

love christmas.. 3 layouts complete.. now to find more christmas pics