Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music to help the world.

Hello ladies, Kim here.

My turn to post this week.
 I love how some artists draw attention to worth while plights.
Most of us remember the 1985, USA for Africa song

(Great now that's stuck in my head for the day.....)

 At my childrens school during the last term the whole school learnt a dance to the SHAKIRA song 'This time for AFRICA' also know as 'Waka Waka'
 Shakira's song is a Global campaign to promote - Education For All
                                                     Everychild deserves an education
Below is the link to watch the clip that was made by our school and if you
If you head to google and type in 1 goal education for all
You can see how one song can really get the whole world to unite in what is evrey childs right,

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KIM xxx

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Julene Matthews said...

What a wonderful generous thing to do.Your school can be very proud.
"We are the world" was an inspiration when it occurred.But I see what you mean,the song gets in your brain.