Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Songs that Grate..

Hi all

Just heard some of the most annoying songs..

Do you have one or a  list?

I have a list in no particular order

1. Macarena
2. Baby Justin Beiber
3. Kesha - We R what we r
4. Whip my hair - willow smith
 and the list keeps growing..

Whats your most annoying song? It doesnt have to be from just now, it can be from anytime.
Let us know and enjoy your Wednesday !
Bek xx


Dale Tiernan said...

I have plenty.
Break Free by Queen
Barbie Girl by Aqua
I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

I'm sure there are more.

Julene Matthews said...

I agree with Barbie Girl and then there's We will, we will Rock You by Queen,
Mambo No 5 by Lou Bega
Amazing Grace(A personal hate of mine believe it or not)...I could go on.

sandra said...
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Kylie gW said...

WOW. So much angst.. I don't really have songs that annoy me. The only one that comes to mind was that baby crocodile song a few years ago in a child's voice Schnappy? But after hearing it for a while I actually enjoyed it. The only music that grates on me is Jazz - the instrumental "jamming" Jazz. I just don't get it.

Dolly B said...

Hmmm none coming to mind, but I'm sure there are some that I don't like.I couldn't stand that add with the frog awhile ago, it drove me bonkers, couldnt stand it.

sandra said...
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Annette Edmonds said...

My all time annoying song is Wild Thing by the Animals, don't know why but it really bugs the life out of me, other than that really don't like techno, everything else is pretty ok. One thing though, I bet most of you know all the words to the songs that bug you, I know I do lol

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