Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day for Sept Challenge..

Hello peoples.. where have you all been hiding ??

Have you looked at our challenge playlist? Cant find time for Sept.. dont worry we have Octobers coming out tommorrow night.

You have until 11.59 tonight to get your entries in for this Sept challenge before we release our song list for tommorrow night for October so lets "jump" to it shall we???

The girls have been working overtime to help me out here while i have been sick recently and really do a fantastic job in putting up their posts and their work is just so inspirational.. i hope you really do try and find some time to do a challenge.. we're all motivated by music in one way or another and i find scrapping to it makes expressing myself easier.  Sometimes i dont have the right words to say or i cant express the emotions i want to convey and i feel lyrics are really good for your journalling and chanelling your thoughts..

The girls and i  are so excited to bring you another challenge, so we hope you can play along with us !!

Question for thought.. what does listening to music do to you ? How does it make you feel? Do you have a song stuck in your head you cant rid of? Do you crank a good song up in the car?
Let us know !!!]
Have a great day..whatever you do..


Julene Matthews said...

Yeah for those who've entered the SEptember challenges.They're all awesome. Glad things are better for you too Bek.

Kylie gW said...

Music is a big chunk of my life ATM. I've found that whatever music I seem to select for scrapping or whilst I'm on the computer is what I'm feeling. I've had alot of sad music lately. My Windows Media Player Own Playlists are broken into "Depression in the Mix", "Loud & Proud", "So Happy", "Sleep With Me" and "Life, Love & a bit with a dog".
One song I heard online got so stuck in my head I had to go out and buy the album it was on!!! (Garry Jules "Mad World")That's the first time that's happened!

Kylie gW said...

PS I did spend 5 years looking for Hallelujah after hearing it on The West Wing TV show, only to find that tune was eventually used on Shrek, and in this internet world I was able to order Alison Crowe's brilliant version on her Tidings album.

Rebekkah said...

Kylie, i love mad world too, but the one i like is by tears for fears. i also love hallelujah and there are 3 other ppl i know who sing it which are : jeff buckley, kd lang and leonard cohen, there are others of course but these are my faves.
i'm glad music inspires you too and i am not alone in my addiction
i have certain cds i rotate on my playlist and in my car.. at the moment i am into a little bit of rocky types.. last week was hip hop, so you can see my styles vary somewhat.
Thanks for supporting us here at sts !