Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yep February is Love month :)

We don't really do Valentines Day in our house but it's always nice to sit for a little while and think about those that you love.
When I think about when Brian and I met I automatically think about the soundtrack to that time. For me it was Michael Bubles Come Fly With Me album. I love Bubles music, love that Big Band era, just something about it makes my heart sing.
The one song that really sums up that fabulous time is Moondance.

Brian and I met at TAFE while doing our Cert 3 certificates and almost every day when I would get into my car after class this song would be playing in the tape deck. All the flirting and butterflies and wondering if he really did like me too or was he just being friendly are summed up perfectly in this song for me.
When Brian and I get married this will be one song that will definitely be played during our first dance.

Many couples have their song, we don't really have any one song for us, but this is certainly the song that I fell in love with Brian too.

Do you have a love song?

Take Care


Dolly B said...

Don't really have a song that is ours, but back in the day we loved the Eagles and still do, So I guess I would have to say any of the Eagle songs

Annette Edmonds said...

love the post, have never really had "a song" with anyone, oh well maybe one day, sigh

Julene Matthews said...
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Julene Matthews said...

That should say boyfriend nOT botfriend!