Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teenage Dream

Hi Peeps..........

Don't worry - I am not going all Katy Perry on you but I am reliving one of my teenage dreams.

ROXETTE were a big part of my younger years and I was fortunate enough to meet them when I was 13 years old - these were the pictures I took on my awesome (ha ha) camera in 1989.................

And then last night I went to the first concert of their 2012 world tour

The concert was FUN and I am glad that I had the opportunity to go along to it. There was a group of 10 of us who went so we were like excited little teenagers again.

In saying that I would like to know whether any of you have ever had the opportunity to meet any of your favourite bands or singers?
When you were a teenager and music consumed your life what bands or singers did you just listen to over and over again?



Dolly B said...

How cool is that. Never been lucky enough to meet my faves in person :( but back in the day I loved Bob Dylan, Carol King, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles (yep I was a flower child), ah they were the days. I have seen Bob Dylan in Concert and the Eagels several times. Now My Fave Band would have to be U2 and I still love my favourite bands from way back then. Thanks for the trip down memory lane BB

Mary x

Kerri said...

Soo love Roxette!
You lucky girl seeing them in concert! Soo jealous!!
K x

Annette Edmonds said...

wow how cool to be that up close to them, like Mary never met any of mine. Really loved Jon English, don't have any of his cds though, must rectify that. Great post, cheers Annette xo

Dale Tiernan said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert. I'm going to see them this week!

Dale Tiernan said...

Oh, part 2. I was obsessed with Rick Springfield (who I met 18 months ago, lovely guy) and Duran Duran.