Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boy Bands..

Hi everyone
Its Bek here the BOSS, with the latest post.
With the latest Boy Band in the country and might i say melting hearts everywhere they go.. (gosh the british boys are just so cute and charming arent they ?? sigh...)
I remember being in my room listening to step by step on the radio and trying to learn the moves, and also then listening to could it be magic on the radio as i was driving down the freeway on a hot summers night.. ahh the young years.. then when i saw Robbie Williams in concert years later i remembered that young kid all those years ago and how much he and i had matured..
So remembering back to when i was younger.. heres a few to refresh your memories.. and a trip down memory lane..

Starting off with :

One of the biggest boy bands... :)

THE BEATLES - ah.. classic genius.. )

NSYNC/...ah... where it all began for Mr Timberlake..

TAKE THAT - i so love Robbie.. :)

BACKSTREET BOYS - not my cup of tea really.. but they make good music..


BOY ZONE - sigh.. Ronan..

AND FINALLY THE NEWBIES.. One Direction .. wish i was 15 again.. sigh..

Before everyone has a go, yes i know i missed a few but you didnt want to be here forever did you??? LOL !
Well did that bring back a few memories????
 I know it did for me !!
Whos your favourite and why ??? what memories do they bring back for you???

Thanks for tuning in ! Bek xoxo


Marie (Mazz) said...

I saw Tina Turner in concert many years ago...many screaming fans and wow what an entertainer she was:
AND my 'teen' concert was a NZ band called "Hello Sailor" does anyone remember "Blue Lady" or "gutter Black" ? ah... still hot too...(??? LOL)

Julene Matthews said...

Beatles forever and to a lesser extent Bee Gees.
I also lived through the Bay City Rollers era but couldn't get excited about them

Dolly B said...

Hmmm not a big boys band fan, but would have to say the Beatles and Bee Gees , (showing my age)