Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Driving Songs

Hi Mary here,
This months challenge is to scrap a driving song. Well I was a little stumped, as I sing along to lots and lots of songs (very badly) . I asked my Hubby and Daughter " What song should I do for a driving song" My daughter said that all she knew was that every time she got in our old car the U2 tape was going around and around. Then I was talking to BB on Facebook and she said "You have been to a U2 Concert , why don't you scrap something to do with that " So....... thought I would scrap "Stuck in a Moment" seeing Chels reckons we were stuck on the U2 Tape in the car .
Before we went to the concert at ANZ Stadium the pub across from the stadium had a band impersonating U2, they weren't to bad actually and the singer looked slightly like Bono and had some of his mannerisms down pat. Then it was time for the U2 Concert and the real deal. I love Bono and I think he has a charisma around him.
So my layout "Stuck in a Moment"

Can't wait to see all your takes on a favourite Driving Song

Hi all!
Kim here :O)

So my driving song...hmmm?
I'm going with .......

'Tis a feel good one, hey!
 .......and my layout

Suited my pic so well....journaling card reads....On 25th Sept, 2011 the 3 of you set out on a great adventure only for it to be cut short a week later (650 km), due to an injury to Alex and the breakdown of one of your trailers...you decided to call it quits for the time being. Along the way you had a lot of fun, blisters and spent some special time together.

can't wait to see what the rest of the CT has on offer???

Hey Peeps,

BB here........

There are so many fantastic songs that make us TURN IT UP as such.

I decided to go with a song that suited a big change I had in my life, it's all about the choices we make that get us to where we are today.

The song I have chosen is IT'S MY LIFE by No Doubt

It's an awesomely catching song that deserves to be turned up.

Here is my layout - 

It's a great theme this month with so many choices - good luck picking - I know the CT kept changing their minds a few times before decisions were made 

And on a last hoorah

I hope the easter bunny finds you all safely 

Sunshine and Happiness

Anyone who has heard this song a few times knows it is catchy and by its very nature you want to sing along to it.
The crescendo comes at the part which goes "Galileo,Galileo,Galileo ,Figaro" which Freddy Mercury sang falsetto.I often put my Queen CD in the car CD player when I'm on a long trip and sing along to it.
For the layout the words took me to the Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy where Galileo lived and tested out his theories of gravity as well as studying the planets through his telescope.I've used one and a half doileys from "THE CHIP CHOP SHOP"
Now here's the link to the song...


Marie (Mazz) said...

choices, choices...cooooolio choices !! AWESOME examples (again)by your amazing CT...will try to give it a go too :)

Kylie gW said...

I'm a "driving song" nut case. Because I drive to Mum and Dads (6.5 hours) at least once a year and sometimes twice, I have a set selection of music that I play in the car to keep me relaxed, or awake, or inspired.. and in some cases, pull over at certain spots and put certain music on!!! cripes I'm weird. :)