Friday, May 11, 2012

Misheard Lyrics

Hello Lovely Scrappy Friends,

Yes you heard right hehehe, this months Challenge is to scrap about a song that you thought you were singing the right words to, only to find out you were way off the mark :) Gosh haven't we all done that, I know I sure have , more than once!
I chose to do a layout on a misheard song that my Grandson Sang. Instead of singing "Six White Boomers, Snow white Boomers" , he sang" Six White Poomers, Smell Like Poomers" lol. Bless his little soul
Sorry we are late with the challenge this month, I look forward to seeing your layouts with your Misheard  Lyrics

Cheers Mary x


Kylie gW said...

Cripes. This is a challenging challenge. The only thing that comes to mind (for me) is Homer Simpson - his butchering of various songs has kept me entertained for years! I guess I used to do this as a kid.. but I'll have to plug in to a memory bank to find out.

Kylie gW said...

PS There's no place on the right hand side to add a page for may.

Dolly B said...

I will get our technical guru ( Miss Annette) to rectify that Kylie

Marie (Mazz) said...

'out of the mouths of babes' OMG Miss M this really is a challenge - I can totally understand your plight Kylie - my only real memory is when I was very small too...oh, yeah perhaps that would reveal my really really warped sense of humour LMAO - watch this space I think that's the one He he he - Kylie I cant wait to see your version of Homer LOL...Mary I just love your honest and cute :) xoxoxoxo