Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Misinterpretation

I think all of us at some stage have sung along to a song for years not realising that the words we are singing arent really the words.

The song I have choosen this month is SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT) by Beyonce

The song was released back in 2008 when my little Holly bear was 5 years old - and what kid didnt shake their bootie to this song (or even adults for that matter - he he).

Well anyway to cut a long story short instead of singing "All the Single Ladies" she would sing "All the Singlets"


It's even got a little spinner that really spins - how cool

My Journalling....

I know that I have never sung the song the same way since and i'm pretty sure my family and friends all have to take a step back before singing the song now as well.

Give the challenge a go - I need a good laugh :)

Happy Saturday


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Marie (Mazz) said...

yes, thanks BB I guess you'll get a huge laugh at mine too...or maybe not LOL I couldnt think of anything excep this nursery rhyme...and no I never sing it or hear it the same way now either. my grandaughters just look at me and think I'm really crazy...guess I might be LMAO...gorgeous LO BB and Mary, fantastic 'mis takes" xoxo