Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to the 80's

Hi Peeps,

BB here...........

Unfortunately due to a tight university schedule this month and exams I haven't been able to get an example layout done for you all on our theme this month which is

Yep you guessed it.........the good ole 80's
Are you inspired? 

Maybe I can help you out a bit............let's jump in the time machine and check it out

Can you remember the big hair, ruffle skirts, hoop earrings, coloured sunglasses, bright bold fashion, leg warmers? Oh and don't forget the lacey only wore one didn't you?

And what about the music?

Bands with big hair.............that is all - he he

Ok let's jump back in the time machine and get back to reality

I hope I have inspired you all a bit - as well as songs think about some elements of the 80's that you could incorporate onto your pages such as an 80's colour palette, material, stars, lightning bolts, big bows, circles to represent bangles..........oh I could keep going all day with this list.

You have until the end of the month to link your layouts

Last but not least here is a little poem for inspiration -

Jelly shoes or Kangaroos 
White Keds 
Spiral perms, mullets galore, rat tails 
One long, dangly, silver earring

Gnarly, dude! 
Where's the beef?
I wanna skip school with Ferris Bueller 
Drive a DeLorean 
Learn karate from Mr. Miyagi 
Sing like Debbie Gibson 
Collect scratch-n-sniff stickers 
Grab George Michael's butt 
Organize my flavored lip gloss and Lee Press-On Nails in my pink Caboodle 
Show off my Liz Claiborne purse and my Swatch watch 
Skate like Tony Hawk 
Trade Messy Tessy for Potty Scotty 
Play "Donkey Kong" or "Frogger" on the Atari 
Moonwalk like Michael Jackson 
Kiss Han Solo 
Flirt like Smurfette 
Flaunt my Esprit shirt and Guess jeans 
Smell like Strawberry Shortcake 
Hug my Care Bear

Avoid the Noid!

Can I take my Cabbage Patch Kid to school, Mom? Please? 
I won't get Gizmo wet or feed him after midnight, I promise. 
How high can my bangs go? Not high enough! 
Alex P. Keaton, will you tutor me? Is Mallory still dating Nick? 
Where's my Big League Chew? 
Marry me, John Cusack!

Like, gag me with a spoon! 
I hate the 80's and wish I'd grown up in a different decade...NOT!

He he he
Till next time
Happy Scrapping


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Dolly B said...

Loved your post BB, a walk down memory lane. hehe