Monday, June 4, 2012

Songs from the 80's

Hello Mary here

Well the 80's was my time , so there are heaps of great songs for me to choose from. Lately I have been listening to Bob Seger a lot, so I decided to choose his song " Against the Wind" I think it is a great song about life. I think it covers from our first love and things that happen in our life and we are running against the wind and then when we are older we are still running against the wind , but for different reasons. Love to see what song speaks to you from the 80's

and this is my layout

So come on girls , lots of great songs out there


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Kylie gW said...

WOW. I didn't get into music in the 1980's until the late 1980's. 1985 onwards. Whitney Houston I want to dance with somebody, Wham, Hooroo Gurus, The Cure, Mental As Anything, Michael jackson, John Farnham (late period!), Madonna (early period), and alot of artists that disappeared after their first track or first album (Tiffany? whatever happened to her?)